Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nerd Alert - My First Ring Watch!

This came out so silly, I just had to share!

I hate wearing watches, and thus am always late, and my husband has been encouraging me to think about getting a watch again. In the Billings cold winter though with the coat always coming on and off... not a pleasant thing, having a big lump of a watch on one's wrist to get in the way. I thought of this looking at Pink80sGirl's cocktail rings on Etsy, so I did a bit of searching, and apparently I'm not the first one to have such an idea. And so my first "Ring Watch" was born!

As it turns out, it's really hard to find a watch face without those pesky little loops built into the case where you attach the band, so I decided if I was stuck with them, I might as well make them useful! I tried to kind of hide the little loops themselves under the top and bottom spirals, and used them to string a beaded wire frame around the watch face, ending in some little spirals on either side of the crown (knob thingy).

To make matters worse, I was in a silly mood and tried to make this as gaudy as possible. I think it was a success, what about you?

I showed it to my stepdaughter, and she was fascinated and horrified at the same time. I was told I look "ridiculous with that thing on," yet when it came off, she could not stop examining it closely. I am right handed, so set the face such that I could wear it on my left hand as shown and just glance down to see what time it is.

The wire is enamel-coated copper 20 gauge, the crystals are fire polished Czech red AB and Swarovski crystal clear AB, and the watch case is stainless steel, since I have a nickel allergy. It might not have mattered though, as the case doesn't really touch your skin. It's just simply glued onto a flat pad ring base on the back. I am hoping that the pad is small enough that it will still be easy enough to get the back off when the battery needs to be changed someday.

The very best part is that since the wire is very inexpensive, I can cut and remove the beaded part in just a snap and re-do the beads to suit each season! I think the next version will not have the crown exposed; that just made it a little too off balance. So the embellishing ring will have to go sort of over it, which will be easy enough.

Now I can't wait to change it up again! I think the next version will be sapphire blue and white crystals on silver wire... :)

With love from Montana,


  1. I love the ring watch. very fancy and Christmas fantasy-ish. Have the birds met the Ring?

  2. Thanks, Anne! No, the birds have not met the ring! They might actually be afraid of it... Sometimes they get offended by the oddest things! for example, my black emery board type nail file. You'd think it was a live snake the way they react to that thing! But pencils, pens, cords of that same shape? Instant playthings. There's just no knowing!

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  4. Everyone please ignore the spammer!! I am on mobile but will report that comment and try to remove / block when I get home. I hate to have to moderate comments, bug if this is the type of irrelevant nonsense people are making their bots post these days, then perhaps there is no choice. :P